A New Look

Over time, things change.  Everything changes.  And I’m very proud to show you, which I’m sure most of you have already seen, my logo has changed.  I went from using an established type to now using my very own signature.  Most of the time my signature looks like this but there are times it looks like a doctors signature…lol!

Not only am I changing the logo, but I’m doing a bit of rebranding.  Now that the studio’s been around for a few years, I know what I want to do with it and which direction I want to go.  It will be a journey…and I hope you will be right here along for the ride.

One thing I’m changing or rebranding currently is how I set up at conventions.  The physical set up.  It’s going to be more about the characters and getting our name out there.  Family fun for all-ages.

To see where I’m going to be next, check out the EVENTS page.  All events and conventions posted are ones I’ll for sure be at but I’ll be adding a few more starting in the Summer.  So hopefully I’ll be able to see you in person at an upcoming show.  Keep checking here and the Facebook page for updates.