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Eisner Award Nominee

Stanley’s Ghost, our first comic featuring Stanley, Natasha, Chester, Baby Fang, Bandit and Billy is nominated for an Eisner Award.  The Eisner Awards are like the Academy Awards, but for comic books.  It’s a huge honor even to be nominated.  So to hear that Stanley’s Ghost is nominated for Best Single Issue, I was extremely […]

Returning to Conventions

I’m very happy to announce, that this month, I’m returning back to conventions.  However slowly, but I do have a couple one day show set up so far.  With the long tough year we all just went though (and still going through), I need to get out.  Most of us do. The first show I […]

The Big Move

In case you didn’t see the social media posts or videos, we recently moved.  Sometimes closing the book on one part of your life means you get too start a whole new book.  That’s exactly what we’ve done.  From here on out, we’re writing a whole new book in our lives and personally, I’m “going […]

HIRING Cartoonist/Illustrator for Comic

You might remember, that back in October of 2020, we had our very first Halloween One Shot comic debut through Storm King Productions.  I’m honored to announce we’ve been asked to create another one shot comic featuring, Stanley and Friends.  But this one will be released in Sept (a couple weeks earlier). Right now we’re […]

The Job of the Job

When I’m at an event or a guest speaker somewhere, there’s one question I get asked the most which is, “how do you break in the business”?  I wish I could tell you there was an answer for this one, but really, there isn’t.  I’ve mentioned this before, but what I always tell people who […]

Hiring a 2D Animator

I’m very excited to announce that I’m looking for a 2D animator for a short little clip (up too 10 seconds long) featuring one of my little guys.  There will be music with the clip, but no voiceovers and light sound effects.  This is a very simple and fun animation. If you’re interested, please send […]

Social Media ARToons

One way I sell and promote my ARToons is by posting them on Social Media.  What are ARToons?  These are what I call the cartoon artworks of my characters like Stanley Squirrel and friends and all the other characters from Jeff Balke Studios. I just took the words Cartoon and Art, mashed them together to […]

Do What You Have Too

Some of you have asked me, “why do you always post about prints and merchandise”?  The simple answer is…merchandising and to help bring money into the studio.  Having your own business or in my case, studio, is not cheap.  You basically have to do what you can to bring money in (legally…haha).  One of the […]

Building the Team

I remember as a kid, sitting down and watching Saturday morning cartoons and Disney’s Silly Symphonies among other, religiously all the time, every day.  I was fascinated how amazing everything looked from the painted background to how the characters moved realistically.  Of course, being a kid you don’t realize how much effort and time is […]


First of all, let me say HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Last year will go down in history as…a MESS!  The last few years for me have been extremely difficult due to family deaths, sales dried up, me being diagnosed with MS and I can go on and on.  But one thing I’ve always done with things […]