Looking For: Storyboard Artist

Currently I’m looking for a story artist or artists.  I’m not just looking for great art but inventive and funny storytellers who can entertain and be the characters.  The stories are finished, but now it’s time to see them visually in story boards.  I do encourage you to contribute to the creative decision making which would help shape the stories.

If you’re serious and interested, please upload your portfolio of sequential storyboards in a PDF where each board is it’s own page, making it easier to follow along.  If you’re submitting an animatic, please have the format saved as a .mov or .mp4 file.  You can even share a link to your YouTube or Vimeo account if your boards are on either of those.

A Must:
– Can work collaboratively, even virtually
– Staying on task
– Experience a plus (but not a deal breaker)
– Understanding of how to tell a story through pictures
– Can work digitally or traditionally
– Strong Drawing Skills
– Knows how to draw emotion or humor to any story

Building the Team

It’s called the Animation process for a reason.  It’s a step by step process that takes time and a team effort.  My eyes and ears are always open looking for creative people who are hungry to create animation.

Currently, I’m looking for storyboard artist(s) however, I’m also looking to build up my team.  If you’re interested and serious, choose one of the following positions from the drop down menu below and fill out the application.  Please provide a link to your reel.

  • Character Design

    • Visual Character Artist
  • Storyboard Artist

    • Visual Story Artist
  • Animation

    • Animation Short
    • Character Animation
    • Comic Strips ANIMATED!
  • Background Artist

    • Traditional
    • Digital

    Watercolor is preferred (in either) but not required.


I’m looking for self-motivated, dedicated people who love art and who want to create animation.  If you’re interested and serious, please fill out the form below.