Ringo Awards

  Unfortunately I found out about this late in the game, but it’s not TOO late.  The Ringo Awards is a comic book award voted on by both industry professionals and fans.  And the last day to cast your vote in 2024 Ringo Awards is May 23rd.

This may be a little bit of shameless promotion…but hey, someone has to do it.  I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished and my studio.  Creating Stanley and Friends has been a life long dream.  So to finally have them in comic books and soon to be animations is something I SHOULD be promoting.  And with Stanley and the Haunted House being my very first comic I ever WROTE is a huge for me.  I’ve always had stories in my head and wanted to write them down…but for some reason never did.  With never writing a comic before, but have colored hundreds over the years.  I’m DAMN PROUD of writing and coloring this issue!

Since there’s only a few days left, over the next couple of days, when you have a minute, can you please go to: www.ringoawards.com and cast your vote for me and Stanley and the Haunted House?


I’d be honored to be nominated for:

  • Best Writer: Jeff Balke – Stanley and the Haunted House
  • Best Colorist: Jeff Balke – Stanley and the Haunted House
  • Best New Talent: Jeff Balke – Stanley and the Haunted House

And IF you’d like to vote in these too:

  • Best Single Issue or Story: Stanley and the Haunted House
  • Best Kids Comic of Graphic Novel: Stanley and the Haunted House


To be honest.  It’s an honor to even be nominated.  I don’t create characters and stories for awards…those are a nice bonus…lol.  I want to take people out of reality for at least a minute and get away from the everyday chaos.  If I can do that with ARToons, comics and/or the animations…I did my job.

Thank you in advance.  Please help spread the word to vote for me and Stanley and the Haunted House for a Ringo Award.

New & Updated Merchandise

We have new and updated merchandise now available in TWO locations!  www.shopbalkestudios.com and now on Amazon!  Both offer GREAT quality and a great price.

ShopBalkeStudios.com has been my main merchandise store for years.  We offer everything from t-shirts (men, women & kids) to hoodies, drinkware, phone cases and so on.  And every so often, specialty products.  This site is a “made to order” type of site.  So when you place your order on that item you want, they make it right then and there and ship it out directly to you (anywhere in the WORLD).  If there was a problem with the item, all you’d have to do is ship it back and they will take care of it for you by replacing the item or getting a refund.

There are multiple color and size options for each item of apparel.  What really got me was the size 5XL they offer on select items.  It’s really difficult to find places who print on those sizes for some reason.  I mean hey, I’m a big guy, so I need extra room too.

Now on Amazon, I have a very limited catalogue to choose from.  But again, they offer up to size 6XLT.  So it makes me feel good that people of all shapes and sizes can wear our merchandise.  And just like ShopBalkeStudios.com, Amazon also prints “made to order” as well.  And if you have Amazon Prime, shipping is FREE!

Both sites offer the same kind of printing.  DTG (direct to garment).  This means the ink actually settles into the item vs just sitting on top of it like screen printing.  The color lasts longer and it won’t peel or crack after washing.

So check out both sites:

www.shopbalkestudios.com (Online Store)
www.amazon.com (type in Official Jeff Balke Studios in the search bar)

A New Look

Over time, things change.  Everything changes.  And I’m very proud to show you, which I’m sure most of you have already seen, my logo has changed.  I went from using an established type to now using my very own signature.  Most of the time my signature looks like this but there are times it looks like a doctors signature…lol!

Not only am I changing the logo, but I’m doing a bit of rebranding.  Now that the studio’s been around for a few years, I know what I want to do with it and which direction I want to go.  It will be a journey…and I hope you will be right here along for the ride.

One thing I’m changing or rebranding currently is how I set up at conventions.  The physical set up.  It’s going to be more about the characters and getting our name out there.  Family fun for all-ages.

To see where I’m going to be next, check out the EVENTS page.  All events and conventions posted are ones I’ll for sure be at but I’ll be adding a few more starting in the Summer.  So hopefully I’ll be able to see you in person at an upcoming show.  Keep checking here and the Facebook page for updates.