FanExpo Chicago 50 Years!

Coming up next weekend, I’m very excited to announce, I’ll be a guest at the Fan Expo Chicago Con.  Not only was this the first convention I’ve ever attended as a fan, but this year, they are celebrating 50 years!  This is the first time in 6-7 years I’ll be attending this show as a guest and the first time Stanley and Friends will be at the show too.

Over the years, the Con has changed its name.  When I first started going it was called Chicago Comic Con, then it changed to Wizard World Chicago and just recently it has now changed to FanExpo Chicago.  All in the same location and all the same awesomeness, but hopefully without the selling of Sugar Gliders.

We’re going to have a 6′ x 6′ booth and will be packing it full of FUN and friends.  Here’s a little bit of what we’re going to have at the show:

  • NEW Matted ARToons
  • NEW 8.5×11 ARToons
  • NEW Original Hand Colorings
  • NEW Pins
  • NEW Stickers
  • Eisner Nominated Comic, Stanley’s Ghost

and a whole lot more.  You’re just going to have to stop by and check it out yourself 😉

Something I’ve never done before, but it’s worked in the past with other pieces I’ve hand colored.  If you would like any of the Original Hand Colorings, you can order them in the store, click “pick up” while checking out and I’ll bring it with me to the show (saving on shipping).

In the morning sometime I believe on Thursday, I’m going to be interviewed on TV talking about the show and the studio.  I’m not sure yet which network or time.  I just know it’s going to be early…lol!

So if you’re going to be there, look for me and I’ll look forward to seeing you there.  OH and as soon as I find out what my booth # is, I’ll let you know right away.  Hopefully I’ll find out this weekend.

2022 Conventions

2022 is here and it’s time to THINK BIG and MOVE FORWARD!  For the longest time I’ve been holding myself back and keeping almost the same kind of set ups I’ve had at conventions since I first started attending them professionally.  All that is going to change.  This year I’m focused on setting up something different than I every have before.  Something that will give you more of an experience.  At the Mighty Con shows this year, I’m setting up in a whole new way.  Yes I’ll have artwork there from our NEW ARToons to Original Hand Colorings, but I’ll also have something you’ll be able to walk into and not just stand on the other side of the table (as long as I can get the space for it…haha).

My first show of 2022 isn’t until March 6, so I have a little time to get everything figured out.  And it also happens to be the Madison Mighty Con Comic Con where I’ll be debuting the new set up.  However, not every show this year will have the new set up.  Mainly that’s because of space and finances in some cases.  But this year I want to give you guys something completely different where you’ll be able to get to know the character much more and be able to take you pictures with them and share on social media.

On the events page here on the website, I’ve started releasing some of the events/conventions we’re for sure doing this year.  Right now there’s only four posted, but don’t worry, I’m waiting to hear back from a few, so more will be going up shortly.  I do invite you to keep checking back at the events page for updates and here on this blog for more info on what’s to come.

I’m really looking forward to getting out there and seeing you all again.  It’s been TOO long and I really can’t wait to show you guys my little guys.  Stanley and Friends.