Stanley & the Haunted House Release

It’s almost here!  Our 3rd comic featuring Stanley, Natasha, Chester, Baby Fang, Bandit and Billy in an all new Halloween adventure.  In this issue, Stanley and the gang are going back into Bunnyburrow Manor to see if Ghost Bunnies actually exist.  After finding some pretty cool “junk” in the basement and Baby Fang having a cow over NO FOOD in the fridge, they do find something which gives them a little bit of a spook.  Even Stanley, the non-believer can’t realize what’s right in front of him.

This is an all ages comic.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, you will like this issue.  To add a little extra sweetness to this issue, there’s a new team working on this one.

Writer: Jeff Balke (me)  This is my FIRST time writing a comic and getting a writers credit.
Cartoonist/Art: Walter Carzon (who’s worked on a number of Loony Toons comics with DC)
Inker: Horacio Ottolini (Inker to the starts and right hand man to Walter)
Colorist: Jeff Balke (me again…hehe)
Letterer: Janice Chiang (master letterer who’s created her OWN style of lettering in the 80s and still going strong today)
Edits: Sandy King & Sean (the masterminds behind Storm King Productions and Storm Kids)

The comic was due out this upcoming Wednesday, but there was a little shipping error and the book is now coming out on the 20th (just one week later).  If you’re interested in getting this book, go to your local comic store and grab your copy.  Have them put a copy on the side for you OR, have them order you one (order code below).  You’re NOT going to want to miss this issue.

Previews Order Code: STL281487
If your store does NOT have the issue, give them this code and have them order your one and some for the store.  We can always use more all ages/kids books in comic stored 😉