2D Animation

I’m building my first 2D animation team to bring my characters and stories to life.  The music is done and ready to go, but now it’s time to put animation to it and introduce you to some NEW characters such as, Stanley and Friends.

In the beginning, I’m starting off with shorts, approximately 3 to 5 minutes long each, then up to full half hour episodes, then creating feature films.  Part of the process here is keeping tradition alive.  Some shorts, two minutes and under will be created by cell animation (as much as possible).  However, because I don’t have hundreds of people working with me yet, most shorts will be created digitally with what I call, “digital cell animation”, bringing both cell and the digital world together for one fun awesome look!

Coloring With Jeff

Coloring with Jeff is a weekly LIVE web series where you see me bring to life a black and white picture, just by coloring it using markers!  Yes, MARKERS!  Each week I color a black and white ARToon from start to finish right before your eyes, showing you some tips and tricks of the trade and a little fun.

The newest season of Coloring with Jeff starts back up in the Summer (2024).  So you don’t miss an episode, join either the Facebook page or subscribe and watch on my YouTube Channel.

Jeff Balke Comics

Comics strips, comic books, kids books and more are all coming starting in 2024.

(Coming Soon)