Double Matted Visions

I’m very proud of the characters I’ve created.  From Stanley and Friends to Dancing Skeletons to my very own Fairytale Land.  Which is one of the reasons why I added mattes to all the 5×7 ARToons.  Making each one special, different and original.

But of course, I’m always looking to “level-up” myself in some way shape or form.  I loved when I introduced mattes to the ARToons.  So I took that idea and added to it.  I’ve always wanted a two tone matte, but trying to figure out which two colors would go good with every ARToon was near impossible.   I was playing around in Illustrator and laid down a digital white mat I created over the Skeletons.  But something told me to add a little black digital matte around the Skeletons too.  And this is what I came up with.  A “DOUBLE MAT”.

These new double white and black mattes really enhance any ARToon and make it a focal point in the room.  It’s also something you don’t find everywhere either.

All the characters and ARToons mean more to me than just a print.  They are a reflection of me and the studio.  So I want to make sure I give you a piece of art.  Something that looks good and fun for everyone.

Check out the new double matted ARToons at: under the (Matted ARToons section).  And yes, I am keeping some of the single color mattes as well.

Coloring with PRIDE!

Now through the end of June, celebrate PRIDE with an Original “Coloring with PRIDE” Hand Coloring!  Choose from any of the Original Hand Colorings in the store, type in the notes/message section when checking out, “Color with PRIDE” and I’ll add the Pride flag colors somewhere in the piece.  Because each Original Hand Coloring is hand colored using markers, no two are alike, making each one a ONE OF A KIND piece.  Oh and of course, they all come signed, matted and in a dust jacket and board.

Take Red Riding Hood and the Wolf in this picture.  Red is wearing the classic Pride flag colors as the Wolf is wearing the transgender Pride colors.

These are extremely special and fun for me to color.  I’m a very proud gay man who’s been with the same guy for 22 years this Aug and married for 8 of those years.  And we’re still going strong.  So each time I color one of these, I’m very proud of how far we’ve come.

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