About Us

Who Are We?

Jeff Balke Studios is an animation studio focusing on 2D animation.  We’re keep traditional animation alive by creating some of our animated shorts by cel animation.  However, this is the digital age.  Most of our animations are created by something I like to call “digital cel” animation, bringing traditional and digital together.

However, we don’t stop at animation.  We’d like to make sure our characters and stories are reaching as many people as possible.  In addition to creating animation, we also have a number of other projects as well such as, weekly comic strip, comic books and (coming soon) kids books just to name a few.

If with any of our projects, we can take you out of reality for just a minute, then we did our job.  That’s just one goal here at Jeff Balke Studios.

What others say about us

“It’s nice seeing an animation studio keeping tradition alive by 2D animation.”

Micheal S.

“I haven’t seen these kinds of fun characters since the early Disney years”

Bill A.

“Looking at all your characters and reading the comic strips you have, makes me want to be an artist when I grow up”

Becky K.

“Just looking at your prints and talking with you, I can tell your studio is going to be HUGE!”

Tony H.