2D Animation

Animation was created using paper and celluloid (also known as “cells”). Over time, that has changed into using computers. However, we here at Jeff Balke Studios, like the look and feel of “pencil and paper”. Which is why all of our animations under 2 minutes will be created using paper and pencil or by “cell” animation. Anything over 2 minutes, is create by what I call “digital cell” animation, mixing both digital and cell animation, all using our own characters and stories.



Balke Comics

Balke Comics is the new department of the studio, where we create comic books and comic strips featuring our own characters such as Stanley Squirrel, Natasha, Chester and friends.

Our comic strips are released weekly on Sundays and our little guys always seem to get in trouble.  However, they know how to get out of it.


We have a number of printed projects in production. This Summer, we’re debuting our very own Fairytaleland starting with our first kids book featuring our Red Ridinghood and what happens AFTER she finds out grandma was eaten by the wolf.