NEW SEASON: Coloring With Jeff

An ALL NEW season of Coloring With Jeff is coming to our FaceBook page: BalkeStudios beginning Wednesday, September 4th at 7pm (central time).  Watch, right before your eyes our own characters come to life just by using color.  See which  makers I use and the technique I use I call “streaking”.  If you have a question, feel free to ask me at anytime during the episodes.  It’s LIVE in real time, so you can ask me any question and I’ll answer you verbally.

But this season, I’m kicking things up a notch.  In addition, I’ll tell AND show you the differences between the markers (water or oil base) and which ones are better.  I’m even going to show you the differences in paper thickness and how much that really does make a difference coloring.  Those are just a couple of the new updates.

So I do hope to see you starting next week Wednesday at 7pm (central) for an all new episode and season of Coloring With Jeff.

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