eGift Cards are HERE!

2019 is all about “the first times” and moving forward.  Today, we’ve started offering in our web store:, our first eGift cards.  You choose the amount you’d like to put on the card and you choose the design of the card.  Oh, and NO SHIPPING required!

What makes these cards even more awesome (besides being Balke Studios eGift Cards), is they never expire and you can reload them at anytime.  We do ask that you put a minimum of $5 on the cards.  That’s it..that’s the only catch.

You can also post date the cards to be sent to the recipient.  Pretty sweet huh?  So in other words, if you purchased a card today for Mothers Day, you can have it sent to the recipient email on May 12th (Mothers Day).  All they have to do is use it starting on that day you picked.  That’s it.

Order your eGift card today: HERE