Coloring With JEFF is BACK!

After having a little time off, I’m very happy to announce that the new episodes Coloring With Jeff LIVE! are BACK on our Facebook page, Wednesdays starting at 7pm (central).  I’m introducing new b/w pieces which have never been hand colored before featuring some of our NEW characters.

Coloring With Jeff LIVE! is exactly what it sounds like.  You tune into our Facebook page starting at 7pm (central time) on Wednesdays and enjoy watching some b/w pieces come to life with markers as I color each one right in front of you LIVE!  But you don’t have to sit there and just watch.  No no.  It’s LIVE!  So you can ask me questions and interact with others who are watching too.  And, every so often I do a give a way during the live episodes of original hand colored pieces.  Not every week, but here and there.

If you were interested in purchasing the actual piece I’m coloring LIVE!, you can order it (first come first serve) on our online store: under the “As Seen On…” section.  What makes that piece so much different than just purchasing a print is that you got to see it colored with your own eyes and come to life.  There’s only 1 in existence and you’ll have it.

So I hope to see you on Wednesdays starting at 7pm on our Facebook page.  Please feel free to share that video at anytime during the episode too.