Cartoonist for HIRE

It’s time to kick things up another level.  You may have heard we’re creating our very first comic book featuring Stanley and friends in a Halloween Special One Shot debuting this October.  Now that our story is being written as we speak, it’s time to work on the next phase.  Looking for a cartoonist to illustrate the pages.  Someone who can draw cartoons like Mickey Mouse or like our little Stanley pictured in this flier.

Since this is the technological age, you can either illustrate the pages digitally or by hand with paper and pencil.

– Size: 11×17
– 600 dpi
– tightened lines

Hand Drawn:
– Size: 11×17 paper
– Clean lines
– Tightened lines
– All original pages set to the editor (me)

In addition to illustrating the pages, you’ll also be asked to illustrate model sheet of each of the main characters.  Basically different poses of the characters to make sure you have the characters down.

This IS a paid gig.  If you are interested and serious, please contact me at:
Please include links with your work.

I’m always looking to expand my studio family.  Hopefully that could be you.