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Continuing to Grow

2020 has really made me think about the studio and what direction we’re going in.  Like everything else, it has its ups and downs.  But one of the greatest things about this studio is that we’re always growing, and will CONTINUE to grow. For the remaining of the year, I’m working on number of NEW […]

Cartoonist for HIRE

It’s time to kick things up another level.  You may have heard we’re creating our very first comic book featuring Stanley and friends in a Halloween Special One Shot debuting this October.  Now that our story is being written as we speak, it’s time to work on the next phase.  Looking for a cartoonist to […]

NEW Merchandise

Creating animation and various projects is only part of what we do here at Jeff Balke Studios.  I want to give you an experience you’ll never forget.  Even if it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or physically at a convention where hopefully, we’ll see you in person.  But I don’t want it to stop there.  I […]

HIRING Writers

This year I’m taking things to the next level and kicking things up a FEW notches.  Starting with our very own Halloween special comic coming out this year.  But one person can’t do it alone.  It takes a team, and a team is what I’m looking for.  Starting with a writer. We’re HIRING!  I’m looking […]


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  2020 is going to be an amazing year in general.  We have a BUNCH of projects coming out this year including one starting this upcoming Sunday.  Our weekly comic strips! I’m going to keep this blog about what’s going on in the studio and what we have coming up.  But to kick […]