Continuing to Grow

2020 has really made me think about the studio and what direction we’re going in.  Like everything else, it has its ups and downs.  But one of the greatest things about this studio is that we’re always growing, and will CONTINUE to grow.

For the remaining of the year, I’m working on number of NEW projects already in production such as, comics, trading cards, a NEW coloring book and even our own original music!  That just scratches the surface.  In addition I’m reworking the website and creating NEW art collections for the BalkeStudiosArt store and merchandise.

Will everything I just mentioned be out this year?  No.  I don’t want to rush anything.  I want everything that comes out of this studio to be about quality, not quantity.  I want it to mean something.  Not just throw a character on a piece of paper and say “$65 please”.  It’s not about money, but about what I’ve wanted to do since I was a little kid.  Create art, and share it with the world for all to enjoy.  If I can take you out of reality for just a few seconds even reading a comic strip, then I did my job.

So help us grow and share our story.

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