“Out Of Reality” Exhibit

We’re ringing in Summer with a BLAST of bright colors and art!!  June 22-23, I’m very honored to announce we’re setting up our NEW pop up cartoon art gallery “Out Of Reality” at Avant Cycle Cafe in downtown Lake Geneva WI. (the loft).  We’re taking over the entire floor.

Why does Avant Cycle Cafe sound familiar?  This past February, we hosted or first pop up cartoon art gallery there with great success.  We had a lot of people asking if we’re going to be permanent there, but, because it’s a coffee house, we only rented it out for the weekend.  Just like we did again for this June 22-23.  I’m HONORED to be bringing back our exhibit to Avant.

Out of Reality, a Cartoon Art Exhibit is what it sounds like.  We’d like you to leave reality at the door, but open up your imagination.  These aren’t just pictures on a canvas or print.  Each piece has a story tied to it making it what it is.  For instance you may see Red Ridinghood holding up a skunk or Stanley Squirrel snooping around a tree looking like he’s looking for something.  There’s a reason these things are happening.  Use your imagination to why these things are happening OR, ask me at the exhibit and I’ll tell you why I created that piece and the story behind them.

Our animations are created in what I call “digital cel animation”.  This is where we draw out each frame by hand BUT, color them up digitally on the computer.  Since we’re drawing with pencil and paper, we have originals.  I’m honored to be working with former Disney animator Rick Farmiloe who’s worked on films such as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, the Little Mermaid and MANY others.  A few of the original frames by Rick are going to be displayed of an animation we’re working on together for the studio.  What makes these pieces different from anything else we’re exhibiting is, these help bring the movie to life on screen.  In addition, we’ll have some of the original backgrounds currently being used which were all created with watercolors (HAND PAINTED).  Due to the size of the original paintings and wall space, I’m have smaller prints made up of the backgrounds to display easier.

Ever want to see how a comic book or comic strip is created?  We’ll have a “how too” section where we give you 4 main bullet points in how we create comic strips and books with a few of our comic strips on display.

Of course we’re going to have our cartoon matted prints, original hand coloring, crochet plushies and new glass figurines available for sale for you to take home and enjoy.  Each piece of art will be signed.

Finally, something I’m working on if we have the space.  I’d like to take things one step further.  Both days of the exhibit, I’d like to hand color an original piece from start to finish for you to check out and see how I color AND some of the techniques I’ve come up with to bring the characters to life using markers.  So Coloring With Jeff LIVE! (our Facebook live episodes) will be…..live at the exhibit both days.  Keep posted here on our blog and on our Facebook event page (HERE) for updates.

I hope you can make it out that weekend or one of the days that weekend to celebrate the beginning of Summer with us.  If you can make it out, click the day or days you’re going to attend and hit “going” next to those days on our FB event page.  This helps us keep a count.

OH YEAH, did I mention this is a FREE event?  True story.