We all have dreams. Some are scary, safe, funny, sad. Whatever they are, they are still dreams. Sometimes we have dreams of becoming someone or starting something. Those are the type of dreams that keep this world going around and (as humans) progressing, moving forward.

Like you, I have my own dreams. It’s this studio. I literally woke up and said “I want to open my own animation studio”. Since then in 2015, I’ve been working on it. Of course it’s not as easy as that…haha. There’s a lot of work that’s involved and money.

This sale going on right now through Sunday Jan 27th is all about building my dream. All sales help fund the studio and hopefully add more animators so we can create bigger animations.

I ask you to check out our sale on www.balkestudiosart.com. In addition to just paying $3 for shipping, I’d also like to give you 20%OFF your entire purchase with this discount code: DREAMS20
Just type that code in when checking out and that’s it. Simple as that.

I also want to thank you in advance for checking out the store and this blog. I’m going to be using this blog a LOT more starting this year (and site), so keep posted more info.

Cartoon Art Gallery

I’m honored to announce, for the first time ever, we’re hosting our very first Cartoon Art Gallery Feb 1-3. This event is to give you a little glimpse of the “behind the scenes” of how we put together an animation and some of the original art and backgrounds we use to do it.

Most animation now is done digitally and in 3D. However, we create our animations in 2D both with CEL and what I call, digital cel animation. What’s the difference?
Cel Animation: every cel or frame is hand drawn and painted (like the classic Disney movies)
Digital Cel Animation: every frame is hand drawn but colored digitally

What I’m going to show you, is how WE put together an animation and some never before seen sketches and backgrounds of current animations in progress. In addition you’ll also see some of our first comic strips blown up (so you can see them easier) and, pages from our first kids book coming out this Summer featuring our Fairytaleland characters.

The gallery is being hosted at Avant Cycle Cafe in downtown Lake Genava. We have an event page created on our FB page. For more info and updates, please check out our page and event page.

I now not everyone can make it out to the event due to distance. Which is why I’m going to do a live video right before we open the gallery so you can also check it out and be part of the event. This is a FREE event for everyone and I hope, if you’re in the area, you can make it.